Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thought for The Day - Human

Filtered Divinity
We do a great deal of comparisons among "people." We compare whites to blacks, men to women, children to adults, etc. By highlighting our distinctions, we emphasize our perspective, our point of view. But here's an interesting perspective: we're all human.

So often when comparing races, we emphasize habits and stereotypes that are "exclusive" to one group. Certainly, there are cultural differences, especially as we are more exposed to countries and people we're not familiar with. But here's the thing: people are always people. The same way love and hate is expressed in one culture, it is expressed in another. One race or group of people will not be better "behaved" because of past circumstances. And while NO ONE should kill anyone else, it happens among people daily! Black on black crime occurs as frequent as white on white crime and and any other group. It is the "human" condition.

But realize, while we are emphasizing the negative aspects of our existence, realize there are far more people "building" our societies, i.e. maintaining and striving to make it better. And we're doing it without realizing it. When people are working in jobs and businesses and taking pictures of children and women and men, they are emphasizing this 'humanity' in ways that highlight our strengths and courage. When people go to mundane jobs each day, doing work that "feeds the masses," guess what? The masses are fed, housed, clothed and cared for! Certainly, the processes can be done in better less "polluted" ways, but it's being done. And when we strive to take care of one another in better ways, we are being better "humans."

Hope these words help you feel better about our place in this world.