Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thought for The Day - Trigger

A Response - Oil painting 24 x 36
As in "make happen." English teachers and critics alike, that may not be the correct "sentence syntax..." please cut me a break, I'm flowin.'

Read an interesting article on a website,, its about amateur vs. professional artists. Here's a link to help yourself. Now please, don't use it to "pull the trigger," or "slash your wrists" if you find yourself woefully wanting - ah alliteration! Sorry, I'm in a light hearted mood today.

Whether you are a visual, word, song or dance artist, there are days where inspiration, your muse, sleeps in. Honestly, so many years ago, when I tucked away paints, brushes, pencils and inks, I thought I had to give up the gift, if only for an undetermined length of time. I always wanted to paint and draw; I loved the flow of pencil across paper and the way paints were more than a liquid medium. The material was an extension of my soul! But practicality and 'responsibility' (writing that word feels like dropping a 100 pound rock to the ground and proceeding to drag it about!) dictated that there were far more weighty matters at hand. So I parked it, put it on the shelf, laid it aside.

Three children, house and several jobs later, while I KNOW I'm not a professional artist, I have found it's far more valuable to express myself in one way or another. My favorite medium is images, but oh the sheer joy of words! Funny, I'm a minister, preacher specifically, and yet its by far, a better use of expression to write!

Words and images and living and struggling and resting and praying and... All triggers, inspiration to express my soul. I want to be a professional, I really do, so whether its convenient, whether I sleep late or I'm running off to work, I carve out moments, little by little to allow the light inside to shine through me. All I need is the right trigger; and the right trigger is nearly any trigger.

Express yourself, though no one listens, watches or seems to understand. And whether your audience is one or millions, allow the Light to Shine!!!