Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Formula

A Kiss
A simple remedy. Is there one? Everyone wants their life to be a catalyst for large change, we undermine our best efforts by comparison. We measure ourselves against "giants," those who have "glitter status" and get paid the big bucks. What about the band that plays nearly every weekend at the same club for 25 years and never gets a record deal? As importantly, what about those who regularly hang out in that club because of that band? Were they entertained? Were their "blues chased away?"

There is a great deal of emphasis placed on being "large." To a small child, kind, playful and thoughtful parents are HUGE! It doesn't matter that mom and dad aren't up on the latest trends and technology or that the child isn't exposed to foreign lands and dining on the finest cuisine; "mommy and daddy love me and they are the best," and that's all that matters!

We want a solution, a formula, a remedy for an ordinary life. We want to grow beyond the mundane and live among the stars. But perhaps, the stars are closer to us than we think. Maybe, just maybe, they are sleeping in the same bed, eating dinner with us and there for us when we need a friend to listen. Perhaps that's the formula.