Monday, September 2, 2013

Thought for The Day - The J-O-B

Study for Predawn Light - Charcoal 18 x 24
Would I write everyday is if I had to? If it were my job to write something significant and meaningful and encouraging, could I muster up the strength to do so? Not sure; I love writing and reading and music and visual art, but every day? Really?

A few months ago, I started this "Thought for The Day" with a coworker, who seemed to need it. It was a "shot in the dark," a hand extended to simply say "it will be okay." Didn't mean much, just a way to assure someone who needed it. I've blogged before, tried to do it here and on my website, but honestly, the weigh of it was a bit much. Neither here nor there, at the moment. Anyway, she received the words heartily and "challenged" me to deliver it daily. I laughed at the thought, but seconds later, gave it careful consideration. Pretty much, without fail, she has received encouragement, warnings or whatever the Spirit of God lays on my heart to share with her, since.

The audience may be small or large; some read and continue with their day and I never hear from them. Some respond with a "like" on Facebook or a comment on the blog page. But it doesn't matter; when I open my heart to the words, images, colors and textures, it behooves me to spread the message to who ever will read, see and most important receive. Funny thing about all this "sharing," it is as therapeutic to write it as it is to share it. And when you receive it, whether you acknowledge, now, later or ever, the words complete their task.

Years ago, another coworker challenged my 'right' to entitle a business "HIS WORDS;" she considered the "proper" expression, "His Word" coming from a particular, cultural perspective. I think it's appropriate to call it "His Words," because they - the "words" - are delivered in multiple ways and channels. If you are willing to listen, to see and again, to receive, He is speaking to you so much and so often, you will never believe God is a distant voyeur in your life. You will see him as integrally woven into the very fabric of all creation. My role, for this blip in time, is to deliver to you, what is given to me. Remain faithful to your task, you responsibility as well.