Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thought for The Day - Momentum

The Phoenix
Forward Motion...

Moving at a rate of speed that indicates we are out of control...

Free falling...

You ever have one of those days, weeks or months where you feel like you're life is moving way too fast? Where insomnia can most assuredly be traced to tasks you are to complete? And your intuition tells you "something's wrong." Maybe multiple things are wrong. You have that overwhelming sense that 'things' won't turn out well.

Momentum suggests there is movement. I'm suggesting the movement, the forward motion, can be out of our control, beyond our capability to slow the pace.

But I'm also suggesting the following:
  • Acknowledge the fear (Seth Godin's "lizard-brain")
  • Examine your expectations - all of them good, bad or indifferent
  • Breathe deeply - meaning pray, meditate, "go with the flow;" please allow a little space - no a lot of space; this is transition. And change we don't control or welcome is always terrifying!
  • Allow the solution(s) to materialize...also requires quiet meditation
  • Allow the forward movement to take you to what scares you, through what scares you and into the victory you desire!
I'm not speaking of the above from some philosophical perspective, I'm speaking from practical experience. Even now, as I sit here, "the storm is raging!" And to my sense of well-being, this feels like Hurricane Katrina on steroids. But I allowed myself a moment of quiet reflection; I recalled countless times in the past where similar storms swirled around me. And though, for all practical purposes, this current maelstrom could take me under, for the moment, Peace that surpasses understanding, RULES!

You can't stop your life from moving forward, but perhaps your life is moving in the direction of victory rather than destruction!