Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Best Work

Give it a shot; a phrase, I've recently adapted. It means I'm going to try 'this' new thing out, see if I can be good at it, and after some effort, great at it. I'm not overly adventurous, by my own standards, but progressively over the years, I've taken on things at one time I would be reluctant to do; too embarrassed, "what will people think (especially my Christian brothers and sisters)" and the like kept me captured in a world far too small for what my soul longed to express.

So I'm drawing, painting, testing software and writing because it is my best work. There are so many things I write and draw that may never see the light of day; and it's possibility it could be deemed my "good" or even "great" work. But for now, I'll keep it close to my heart and perhaps, some day, my best work will be revealed.

In this venue, this 'media outlet,' I get to share my thoughts and hopefully someone reads it and finds courage to do their best work. In my opinion, some of the best work you can do is to contemplate, dream and in some small way, put into action the grand plans of your heart!