Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thought for The Day - Push it Aside

Big presentation, a meeting lead by you; your opportunity to be in the spotlight. Oh you aren't a glory hound or 'showboat,' but you know what it would mean if you didn't show up or appeared unprepared. So you put as much thought, preparation and anxiety into this moment as you possibly can. Some might go through "what if drills" to ensure they have planned for every possible failure or 'unforeseen' scenario. But one thing you didn't plan on: your child getting sick, the traffic backed up for miles or your car breaking down! And despite the new "brick wall" built, the impending mark on your character, you will not be deterred! While 'ego' isn't your issue, showing up and making a good impression is. So you negotiate, call a baby sitter, promise you will drop off your child for a while and pick them up as soon as the presentation is done. You think of alternate routes to work, get off this street and reroute. You flag down anyone willing to stop, call for a tow and try to get there as soon as possible. You move stuff aside and for good reason.

But there are things you don't plan for. More importantly, there are other matters, other issues you have in your life that you will not push aside anger, fear or frustration to complete. You choose to stay 'stuck' and on the couch. All of your dreams are postponed because "what if they don't like my work?" Or "I'm too fat and out of shape and look terrible in anything I wear!" Or "I'm too old to start now!" And yet, you can't settle into the austere life your conscious seems to suggest is appropriate for the "slacker" you imagine you are! Strange disturbances occur, felt physically, but mostly emotionally and it's as frustrating to "not" achieve - or at least make the effort - as it is to try.

Push it aside. Think, plan, set deadlines, goals and make it happen. Everyone reading this, has, at many times in your life thought something was impossible and not only did they make it happen, they completed the task exceptionally well! Push aside those thoughts that tell you can't and DO IT!