Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thought for The Day - Try

I am as incomplete a human being as one could be! I have not exercised my potential, haven't reached the people who await my "listening ear" and sympathetic words and I have yet to render the "glorious work." But I keep trying.

There are days I sit and look at the painting on the easel. I study, analyze and evaluate the dilemmas runny paint have created. There are times, as I go through my morning routine of writing; I look at the globs of paint drying on the palette and kick myself for not "redeeming the time" wisely. There are times, I'm riding the train, walking the block to the office or standing in the elevator and I consider those who read these words, and I wonder "am I getting through?" Are the words, as they filter through me, are they making a difference in the lives of people? ALL. I. CAN. DO. IS. TRY!

It takes effort to get out of the place where you know you don't belong. It takes effort to bring change to your life, especially the type of change you've known you were born to be. But nothing happens until you try. And sometimes, when no one else sees, in the privacy of your thoughts and heart, you are doing just that. But keep trying! Never give up! Try!