Monday, June 16, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Final Word

Depending on your temperament, you can be extremely conscious of criticism and judgement. I've known people who seem to do well in spite of their harsh critics. But in the final analysis, we all stand on our efforts and their is One who has the final say. Replaying in my head at the moment, the example of piano concerto, playing before a packed concert house. The individual plays with all their heart, each note sounding like perfection! And when he completes his performance, the audience comes to their feet clapping and cheering with all their heart! But there is one person sitting in the audience that the pianist bows and looks to for approval. And that mentor and teacher, that one person looks at him with a look...

On many days, I am my worse critic! From the work I didn't finish to the work that I didn't get to, I rarely give myself a break. I can hear my mother's voice or a sense of it, saying how lazy I am and how if I don't "get it together," I won't amount to much. On many days, that doesn't motivate or completely destroy me, but it leaves me somewhere in the middle! I work, giving it my best effort and in moment's notice, I am distracted, either by the needs of others or my own need to "take a breather." But rising this morning, the "critic" as active as usual, I realized sometimes, your best efforts don't yield the desired results. And you might go weeks, months, even years, on the idea that you "blew it." But a small gesture, an act of grace, reveals that "someone" is looking out for you, when you don't have the ability to do so for yourself.

...That look is a nod and a swelling of the chest in approval.