Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thought for The Day - Decisions and Choices

You're doing it now; deciding, choosing. Small, nerve ending sparks firing through out your frontal lobe. When we think of making decisions, or having "choice" we imagine things like vacations or which bill to pay and which to hold off paying. But when you 'decide' to "chair dance" to a tune that comes to mind or playing in your speakers; when you choose which word to use in a conversation - especially when you're keenly aware that the conversation is potentially volatile - is a decision made in the moment. We think we can't operate in a continuous flow of thought, always 'considering' or "juggling multiple balls," but at least in my head, it seems a continuous flow.

Not every decision or choice is wise or informed. And even with the necessary information available, we often decide to do the opposite. Sometimes our decision is made from our "gut," a sense of knowing what is a right decision and one that doesn't follow "conventional wisdom."

Now, no overarching or specific instructions today. Just "the facts, ma'am." YOU decide...