Monday, June 2, 2014

Thought for The Day - Connect

After the Dance (in progress) 18 x 24 charcoal


Painful memories






If your reasons for distance are a result of past hurt, and you find yourself recalling the event when someone tries to connect, consider the present moment. The person reaching out to you may not have a thing to do with the past and if this is true, also keep in mind: the past is past. It is gone and if you examine closely, you will find "this day" is nothing like yesterday. Connect, reach out, feel, be touched and caressed.

We all long for a sense of community, even if someone connects with our hurt and pain, we need someone who understands. Certainly we want someone to help us rise above ignorance and pain. We love it when a wise and compassionate person comes along who seems to love us as we are, but works toward helping us grow. They are rare, those who accept us, love us and yearn for our growth. So rare as a matter of fact that we are happy to accept the influence of people who want us to remain in our misery to support their own. But in truth, we are never satisfied with yesterday's woes; everyone is born with a desire to grow and reach new heights. And there will be times when it seems we are an island; isolated and distant from others.

It would be great, that as we grow and change, we could take those who have been in our corner, along with us. But often, their attachment to hurt and bad habits doesn't work with our new life. And like the habits we've let go to adapt new and prosperous ones, we have to let them go as well. And yet, we are always striving for relationship and community.