Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thought for The Day - 1000 Revisited

Dance Against the Rhythm 11 x 14 pastels

A typical day, a minimum of 1000 thoughts and notions come to mind. Ways to approach sharing insight, good news and revelations. In a day's time, pen and paper should be kept nearby, but I'm sitting at work, assuring quality is found in each part of the software I'm testing. In a typical day, I'm writing notes on a pad of paper, in my tablet and trying to store them in my head.

How will I use these notes, these notions? Who will read it and what thoughts and feelings will it stir? Will the words and images find their way into the reader's head and how will it change the direction of their lives? It's my hope that every line, each word and phrase draws closer to joy and success, as your life unfolds.