Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Good News/The Bad News

The good news is you're alive (you are, after all, reading this).

The bad news is you may not be using your time wisely. Sure there's "work," the 9-5, if that's what you do everyday. But I've known people who don't use their time wisely at work. Tasks and assignments aren't completed as needed and it's not until management threatens to dismiss you, that "time management" is a consideration.

The good news is you like/love to read (you're reading this).

The bad news is not everything you read is worth your time. Back to the time issue, again. I've heard this once and it was good enough to stick: "if you love reading, there's a strong possibility there's a story" in you. Now I know there are many novels, books of poetry and a couple self-help books in me! Today's thought isn't merely about you; it's me, performing a self-convicting disclosure!

The good news is you "have time..."

No bad news on this one; each day is what you make of it. While you may berate and criticized yourself - and possibly others - the time is yours to use effectively. I'm not talking about organizing your day down to the minute and in some cases, not every hour. But it is a matter of evaluating how your time is spent, in light of what your goals and your purpose. And after evaluating, performing the necessary steps until that demon is exorcised!

The good news is you have a reason to be alive; you have a purpose.

The bad news: you may not be using your time effectively in light of your purpose. I'm not sure if you've ever read this in my blog, but I "KNEW" (notice the caps?) I was supposed to be an artist. I questioned the preacher part, but did it (and still do) when the time was right. But I had high aspirations of touching hearts and mind with my work. My mom wanted me to be reasonable and have a plan B, just in case the art didn't work out. Enough doubt and concerned was raised that at 21, shortly after graduation with a degree in Fine Arts, I put my pens, pencils and brushes away. But thirty years later - yes that long - I'm back at it. I have to "unlearn" a great deal of self-doubt and force selfishness - guarding tmy time in the studio is an internal fight more than a fight with family and "commitments." But I'm determined to do so. As far as setting the world on fire, touching "hearts and minds?" Well, I will allow the "beholder" to decide if the message hidden in lines and colors, gets 'em to the core.