Friday, June 6, 2014

Thought for The Day - Grown

Rise 18 x 24, pastel

When did I get to a point where "Louisiana Hot Sauce" wasn't hot enough? I can still remember seeing my parents and other adults shaking it on food and thinking "there's no way I would put that on my food!" And yet, here I am, a grown man, willing to combine hot sauce and jalapeƱos on a sandwich or other foods! Just 'yesterday,' I dabbed a little on my finger, put it to my mouth and had to wash it down with a glass of water. And now, if I prepare a meal, I've got to have FIRE!

Tastes, desires and needs change as we grow older. Some things we adopt may not necessarily be good for us. I remember when I developed a "healthy appetite" and filled my plate with food. I remember when I went back for seconds and it wasn't dessert! The skinny kid grew up to be an overweight man, constantly fighting the battle to be thin again! And in so many ways, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Growing up, I could be glued to the television for hours; now, if I sit for a few minutes, I'm fast sleep. As a teenager, I could ride a skateboard for hours and play basketball in my parent's backyard as long. I wouldn't dare get on a skateboard these days and basketball? I'm not interested in watching anyone play it for more than a few minutes!

One's needs and interests change as you mature and what was once boring is now a great time. But one thing has not changed; that's my love of music and visual art. The combination is my morning routine. Now granted, I could not imagine waking before dawn - and I'm not talking a few minutes before! I'm talking an hour or two most mornings! Sitting down to write and journal, music surrounds me, as well as the work of my hands. Images in process, completed and others to inspire, surround me. And it's been that way since I was a "small lad." Even down to the music genre and medium of choice; the two have remained constant. I didn't have access to oil paints or the skills to do what I do now, but it was my dream. And thank you Lord, dreams come true!

Be blessed and hold tight to dreams!