Friday, June 27, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Power of Thought

It is happening now; this very moment, even as you read this, multiple emotions, calculations, memories and plans are simultaneously running through your head. I've heard it said we use our brain - if at all - for little things, but my point would be: It's getting used. It is never idle.

The plans and intentions of our thoughts, of where we want to be - whether it is content with "now" or some other place - can determine your footsteps. But I think many would be surprised to trace their thoughts back to a feeling, an emotion or a dream. There are those lingering impressions that happened a while back that shape our present and future and help determine what makes us happy.

Where ever you are at the moment, what ever is going on in your life, it is not the end. Whether you are content or the opposite, consider what you want your life to be. It all begins with a thought, a notion and where goes is up to you.