Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Winding Road

Follow your path where ever it leads. Don't follow anyone else's path or try to model your life too closely after anyone else. You can desire similar successes, but your life, your journey is yours.

The other day, I talked about "Originality" and tried to present my life's journey as an artist, how I evolved from a kid drawing a portrait of his dad, modeled after a court reporter's rendering to truly doing my own thing. My writing has always been it's own animal. There are author's whose style I love and some parts I emulate, but my voice is my own, in speaking and in writing and it's a lot easier to be me, than anyone else.

You never know where your talents, skills and interests will take you. You may have in mind to go "here," but find you end up "over there." The path winds around, down and up and it is often unclear which way you're going. But keep this in mind: the vision of your life is your's alone. Other singers, musicians, dancers and corporate executives may have walked a similar path but when you find yourself in dark places, while you may want to read the biologies of similar people, you will ultimately have to find your way out of those places alone. It will be your steps, your effort that keeps you moving down that path and to the places you want to be.

One last thought: it's never too late to begin on the journey you had in mind while laying in bed, looking at the ceiling as a child. No matter where you are in life, no matter how far that "childhood wish" is in relation to your current life, you can always start down that path. And truly, only God knows "the way you go." Trust your heart and trust His hand.