Friday, May 30, 2014

Thought for The Day - "Between My Heart and My Mind..."

Triplicate - pastels complete the thought, you need the full line from the group Incognito's song "It's Just One of those Things": "Between my heart and my mind, a loop is turning, every word and everything you said." The lead singer, Maysa, sings the song so masterfully, along with Tony Momrelle. The CD is Eleven...please check it out!

But that line - between my heart and my mind, a loop is turning - played in my head as I woke this morning. For the time being, I'm following the "muse," or in better terms the spirit as I'm guided by the one creative influence in my life. I see plenty of images to spur my imagination, read many lines in books, magazine articles and online posts and many thoughts run through my head daily (seriously, if I wrote and published a blog as fast as the thoughts came the blog would be titled "Thought for the Moment!"). But the music is a constant, whether it's playing on my computer, ipod, phone or in my head. There will be a line, a rift from a song and often, I whistle a line or two.

I grew up in a house where music played often. There were times when the television was turned off to listen to music. And on many Saturdays, rather than Saturday morning cartoons, there was Saturday morning records and albums (born after the 80's? The equivalent of playlists, except on circular vinyl!). Though I don't listen to radio stations as often as I did years ago, my music influence has not faded.

But please understand, music is less entertainment and more...I struggle with a "right" an influential 'theme,' if you will. Like a scene from a movie, television show, documentary or drama, music is often played in the background. We're so accustomed to it, we almost expect music to accompany any scene. We scarcely notice it, but it's there. Music seems to have a theme for me and that rhythm influences my thoughts. Not "drive" or "control," but a subtle background sound, that provides a stream on which clarity and purpose ride. There's a great deal of movement and possible confusion gathered between these ears! Much of what I've done and hope to do is a constant stream between my heart and my mind; music represents a connection between "intent" and action, for me.