Monday, May 12, 2014

Thought for The Day - A Kiss

A Kiss 11 x 14 Pastels

Mommy kisses the baby
Uncle kisses the baby
Grandma kisses the baby
And each time lips are pressed against the cheek
Nose or neck
 A sense is 
Unconditional caring
A message declared
You are unique
A treasure

A man and woman
Out for a ride on a bike trail
Stop to wait at a traffic light
Talking about whatever couples talk about
He ponders her
Moves in closer
And kisses her on the lips
A light kiss
But its message is clear
I cherish you
At this moment
You make my heart sing
There is no one else like you in the entire world
And I’m blessed to have you

The many years have dulled
The edges of this man and wife
Children grown and with children of their own
A kitchen table
Once the center of family gatherings
Now a quiet place for the morning paper
A cup of coffee
And quiet comments
But this day
The husband looks over at her
His sweetie
And in a second
She is sweeter than ever to him
Reaching over further than his old frame should allow
He finds her waiting lips
Poised to receive what years have not dulled
An expression of love
And received

In a dark grove
Where olive trees are grown and harvested
A troubled man
Resolved to complete his work
Quietly wakes his students
Early morning hours
Lessons remaining to be learned
But no time to learn them
A friend approaches
A strange band of soldiers 
He greets his rabbi
Embraces him
And with a kiss
He seals an act of betrayal
Forever changing the fate of the world
And giving him an infamous name
Love gone wrong
A bond destroyed

Yet an exchange is made