Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thought for The Day - In Mid-Sentence

Thought separated by an interjection of other thought
Crossing an intersection and t-boned by another vehicle-interruption

You are flowing, mind and body progressing and suddenly, you're brought to an abrupt HALT! Couldn't continue if you tried. Words pile on top of one another like a stack of matchbox cars. Body, spasming, nerve endings firing like a bag full of firecrackers going off.

...And that's life

Events occur - we don't consider to be "natural changes," but sometimes they are - and your course of action and thought have to change. It's been said life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. I believe it's true, but there are certain events that we give a "governing vote" in the direction of our live from here on out.

Funny how these thoughts come randomly and find their way into this space.

We live our lives in light of what has happened and though we aren't completely at the mercy of circumstances and occurrences, they influence our thoughts and therefore our actions, henceforth and forever. Believe me, we can change, we don't have to remain stuck at the accident scene and the remainder of our life playing like a scratched LP (that's a vinyl record, for those born after 1990). Two analogies are my personal reminders, my tools to get passed the "stuck places" in my life. Both involve prayer:

  1. Pray yourself out of yourself
  2. Pray until you pray
Both suggest that "we," or "I" can be my impediment when it comes to seeking guidance/change/the will of God in our lives. Both imply greater effort, focused on removing the block and allowing our soul to soar to the very heavens for help. I'm feeling this myself this morning, even as the words leave my hand and land in this space. There is a need, a request, stuck mid-expression in my throat and I'm certain I have the power to utter it, but "I've" got tot be removed from the equation. I hope you're feeling me!