Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thought for The Day - Voice

The culmination of years of hopeful prayers, that few would hear or have a clue about; I am there. There was a time when I wanted to spend my days in front of the television. My mom still finds it surprising that I don't know certain actors and actresses or don't watch "this or that" show. I think television and other media are great sources for information, but I found a better one: the space between my ears.

I find writing and painting to be what I thought entertainment was. When you watch the news, a drama or comedy, you see your life in the characters or tragedies. Well years ago when I begin to journal on a daily basis, while I struggled, I found that I could get my thoughts out and it was one of the most freeing activities I practiced. Admittedly, I knew the process of pouring out my soul would not be complete without images.

Images; my way of making the eyes and hand work together and display what's in my heart. Impressions, the sense of the vibrant life that surrounds us, seen and unseen. The combination of images and words allows me to express my impressions and hopes for this world.

Perhaps you find yourself frustrated with the course of life. Maybe you've longed to express yourself, and more importantly, to be heard. Don't we all want to fit in without becoming part of the background? We all search for significance in this world...try writing, try sketching, acting, comedy, anything that allows you to express what's in you. Don't allow another day to go by without sharing who you are.