Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thought for The Day - Just Keep Swimming

The current goes "that way."

Everyone else is doing it "this way."

A real man lives like "this!"

Something's wrong with you! You don't act like everyone else!

You've heard it, I've heard it, the loop plays in my head ALL THE TIME! And yet I get up early every day, I write and cleanse my soul.

I paint in bright colors, that to me seem as 'normal' as a subtle brown.

That line from "Finding Nemo" doesn't regularly come to mind, but that's okay, I'm swimming and swimming and swimming. There are times I "just want to be normal," stop where I am and be like everyone else. The loop is, after all playing in my head. But sickness, injuries, body aches and just plain mental "rebellion" will not allow me to roll over and play dead. Many days, I don't want to write another line, or more importantly, I want thousands of people to read and respond and to create such a buzz 'bout "Eddie" that I can't work a "regular job." But I have to keep swimming and swimming and swimming.

What's my destination? It isn't a place or people; it's "me." I'm finding M-E.

Just keep swimming...