Monday, May 19, 2014

Thought for The Day - Tick-Tock

Hey Mama! 18 x 24 charcoal, pastels

Whatever your age, have you considered how quickly your life has gone by? Depending on your age, you can recall the markers, the indicators that give the impression you've been "here" for a while. But walk with me for a little while. Consider these indicators:

  1. A time when you were a child, before school, even kindergarten. Recall an event, a memory of being the small one in a room or playing with 'peers.'
  2. The years in school; a teacher you admired or a teacher who made you miserable! Classmates, endless homework, being ridiculed, bullied, or maybe you were the Big Man/Woman on Campus!
  3. College years; those few years before you are ushered into adulthood. Your sense that while college was fun, it was a short distance between childhood (being taken care of) and adulthood (the time when you were expected to be the responsible one - and everything that comes along with it!).
  4. Your first, second, and maybe third "job." Maybe it was your career, the dream job, the place and occupation you always wanted. Perhaps it was less so, it was a means to an end, a way to put food on the table. And maybe you truly despised any number of jobs held in your adult years
  5. Watching your children being born, growing older and seeing yourself and your parents in this new relationship. Remembering their days in school and struggling with homework. Your challenge either being learning the "new math" or trying to recall how to do this stuff.
  6. Sending your children off to college - I'm there now - or realizing they would never "come home again." But your trying to put on a brave face, while your heart aches to have them near.
  7. Looking forward to retirement; who wants to do this stuff for the rest of their life? Rising early, fighting traffic to get a place where you are considered the Old man or woman, and nearly dismissed. Or maybe you're respected, but you know it's a matter of time before you need to put this behind you.
  8. Grandchildren! The circle of life continues as you listen to your children's stories of "firsts" and having to help with homework!
  9. Retirement; those years where life seems to slow down, but in retrospect, weren't you just a little boy or girl, sitting at the kitchen table?
My wife's aunt passed away yesterday and as I got up this morning, I remembered one picture of her with my mother-in-law from our wedding photo album. She would have been in her early 60's when we married. She died at the tender age of 87. That was 26 years ago that my wife and I said "I do." There are days where I can't wait for _______! But it's moment's like this, I wish I could freeze or slow down time and just be in this spot for a lot longer. Consider your life; the moments, days and years...time doesn't seem as long when we consider how quickly it flies.