Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thought for The Day - Doing what must be done

Clear Channel 24 x 36 Oils

Sometimes a person's "strange behavior" is really bravery exercised.

The routine: hit the snooze of my sleep app a few times and finally get up. I might doze off for a few minutes, but getting up at 3:00 am permits me extra time to prepare for my day. I'm up, filling a 32 ounce cup with water, grabbing a piece of fruit and making my way to the "studio." My corner in the basement, mostly cold, but well lit, my art surrounds me. My laptop is waiting, journaling to be done before writing an entry for the world.

This morning, I'm up, as I normally would be, but my back says I should be lying down. One small move in the gym yesterday, reminded me that some injuries you never quite get over. An injury from so many years ago, stiffens my back and makes standing, walking and sitting painful. But I'm up anyway; the routine somehow ingrained in my psyche. Waking up early has become as much a habit as breathing and I give in to the need to write and express.

I talked with my mom last night and she told me my father went to the basement to check on the water heater. You have to understand, it normally takes him a minute or so to walk from his seat in the living room to the hall between rooms. To walk down stairs had to take him 15 minutes or more. More importantly, a number of ailments should make him stay away as far as possible, from stairs, unassisted. But dad has in his mind, that he can do everything he always has. His smile and quiet nature masks a stubborn, tough guy, waiting for an opportunity to do what must be done. Guess I get the determination from him.

Be blessed folks, I'm crawling back in bed and hopefully I can sleep off this latest challenge. If not, I'll be back tomorrow, still working.