Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thought for The Day - Thank You!

I've said it before and it bears repeating: each day I think of you! And while many people I don't know personally, you are in my thoughts as I sit to write. Some comment, some simply "like" the post on Facebook or "Favorite" it on Twitter, but it's all appreciated. Others never comment, "like" or "favorite," but they stop by and read; I would like to think it's done because something is written that makes you think or feels good "to the bone!"

It's great to have people who "stop by." Real life isn't quite that way; there are times where my wife  and I recall when friends and a cousin would simply "pop-in." Often, it was inconvenient and unexpected, but given my wife's nature for entertaining, it was quite ok. Our Saturday routine would come to an abrupt halt, laundry in mid-stream and errands incomplete, we would hit the malls, go "house shopping," or ride out to one of the friends' house. But those friends have moved on with their life and the cousins reside in another state. But the great thing about your stopping by: I don't have to be "here;" you can stop in, read, comment or not and be on your way.

This note is written to simply acknowledge you. I write this "thought" because it and "you" are in my heart and I hope it inspires and cause you to reflect. Thanks again!