Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thought for The Day - A Liberal Dose

Expectation 24 x 36 Oil

...Of Encouragement!

Sorely needed, but spread out over long periods of struggle and perseverance. There are times - I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way - where it seems the help you need doesn't arrive "on time." You and I have a time table, usually more urgent than our circumstances dictate and when that help doesn't come by that due date, we feel disappointed. But a lesson learned and repeated often: continue functioning as if you have other priorities and as sure as a new day arrives, an answer to your dilemma comes as well.

Liberal doses of encouragement, when they come, change the landscape of your days. If you've spent the last few weeks in cloudy and foggy days, let a few well placed compliments, a dash of a reminder about your dreams and plans flash across your brain. You will be surprised how that cancels out the sense of loss and despair. Of course, if we had it our way, the encouragement would never end. But another lesson learned: few of us live our lives on the mountain-top. We live our lives in the valleys and plains. Meaning, we have to struggle, there will be loss and disappointments. Even when you've received "a blessing," following closely on its heels, comes an unexpected turn of events. But keep your head up and keep pushing forward. The race is not over!