Friday, May 23, 2014

Thought for The Day - Expansion

You know, nearly every thought is an opportunity for growth. Merely allow that energy connecting heart and head to flow and you are well on your way. we have notions and intentions, dreams and plans and any given moment is the doorway to become what we desire. It's long been my thought, since we are made in the image of God, at the core of our thoughts and desire, we long to be like him, producing good, light, love and growth. But it is the "weeds" of life and our reaction to them that allow evil to make more sense.

A heart that chooses purity and love is a heart that continues to grow. One chooses to respond to difficulties, hardship and heartbreak in a way that fosters these essentials of life. It's a continuous process and one that circumstances can dwarf, but keep at it. Each day we are choosing to live more and more like God and less and less like some warped 'demigod.'

As a child, my father was the shining example. My father's hip was displaced when he was a teenager, still growing, so one leg was just a bit shorter than the other. He walked with a limp all my life, but it never prevented him from doing what he chose to do. I don't know if he felt pain from this injury, or how bad he felt when asthma developed from years of working in a chemical plant and smoking, but he wouldn't tell anyway. He always moved fast and thoughtful, always working to ensure his family had what it needed. He worked hard on his job, taking on more and more responsibility. And though he wanted "something" of his own, he continued working at what he knew. Physically, my father was worn down, having many injuries on his job, but not only did he continue working, he continued smiling. One thing I've learned from my father is to listen. Certainly I have a great deal to say, I could probably talk for hours if allowed, but its better to listen. Others need to talk; people need someone to hear their concerns and pains, their desires and needs. And if I offer a listening ear, gentle reassurance and an open door to allow the person to come back and talk again, I've lived my life, growing and expanding.