Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thought for The Day - Discern

Filtered Divinity

Come to "UNDERSTAND..."

Discover, as in knowledge, previously taken for granted blossoms into experiential truth. There are many who 'get the facts;' they hear them, they process them as one would multiple documents stored in a file cabinet or "My Documents" folder. But the truth of the facts aren't understood. Many spew the facts with practiced accuracy, reciting to you and I the same way they heard it. And yet, they have not learned the great TRUTH.

It isn't that circumstances conspire against us; life is designed to unfold and reveal these great depths. The very shape of our world emphasizes what we know to be true. But lies are easier to grasp than the truth. The effort needed to "get along" is much easier. Take for example the offerings of healthy food choices in an organized society. There are communities where the resources aren't readily available. But many get on buses, pay for a taxi or beg a relative to take them to the areas with movie theaters to see the latest "show." And yet, though you could make the same trip for healthy resources, you choose a moment's entertainment rather than to nourish your body and soul.

Knowledge, facts and information are building blocks to a life live to its fullest. What and how you choose to employ the resources is the difference between life as a consumer and a producer.