Friday, August 23, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Dreamer Awakes

The creative process...there is no comparison of work done, no equal to bringing what's in between one's ears into the world as we know it. To sing, interpreting sounds, combining words in a pleasing way, that's part of the creative process! A model sits in a chair, filled with eager art students, trying to capture details and subtle details of face, eyes, arms and legs - that's the creative process.

To wake from our world of automatons, where our fingers barely rise above the keyboard or our navigation across hundreds of miles, happens with a click of the finger, that's my awakening! Many days - not nearly enough - I pull away from this world of computers, testing software and documenting the results and I allow my soul to express! For me the creative process is found in the written word as well as visual expression. To sit in front of a painting, a rendering done in pastel and allow my mind to imagine a thousand different variations, that's my creative process! With that, I leave you with this: awake dreamer and share your vision!