Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thought for The Day - Make it Real

This is the Stuff that Dreams are made of...

You may have been told "never let go of your dreams." Or you may have been advised: "get a real job." The latter is said by those who never dared to dream, by those who have tried and given up, not realizing anything worthwhile is worth attempting until it happens.

I'm realizing that in small spurts, I have been achieving my dreams. I give a little part of me, here and there, sharing my heartbeat, my desire to see people grow and prosper. But there's always so much more. Where I am is not all that's possible and where I hope to be is yet to be seen.

There are times when the 'itch,' the push, the ache to be part of something larger makes my heart beat stronger.The last couple days, I have felt that "burn" and for the time being, I'm juggling the "how" of execution. But until it is revealed, this is one of my mediums.