Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thought for the Day - Humility

You know, it's great to be known for excellence in certain areas. To receive renown in recognition for talent, expertise or courage is wonderful, and is food for the soul. I think we all want to be considered valuable and to leave this world having made it a better place for our part played in it.

But this humility thing, where does it fit in? To me, its the difference between being human and being known solely for our high points. You can go through life, impressing people with your skills or dazzling charm, but will they know you, the real person? You can show up in the finest clothes, your hair soft and glowing, looking so amazing that people envy you. But that's not all there is to you.

Humility makes you approachable. It will leave you vulnerable as well and to those whose sole purpose it is to put you down. But it's part of being Beautifully Human, gloriously flawed. We may be exposed to hurt and pain, but in truth aren't we always exposed? Certainly, blows and attacks come to those who remain available, but so do those who don't feel worthy of recognition, who never see the good they do. And you become, for them, a source of comfort and encouragement. Give it some thought.