Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thought for The Day - A Little Motivation

Slow starter; some of us don't jump out of the bed, heads brimming with ideas, connecting and networking with ease and taking the world by storm. No, many of us have heads full of ideas, but rarely do we see anything through to completion. Or we a couple ideas, yet somehow, we struggle to simply execute one.

From day-to-day, we go about our lives, tossed by the whims of family, friends and lead in the direction our corporate leaders would have us go. But there remains this part of us that will not rest and it shows up in ways we would rather not have. We feel frustrated, with no real to be. Sure "they're getting on my nerves, always saying _____ and putting their two cents where it doesn't belong." Or we are always bothered by the crime, the corruption, the high taxes and low wages. And yet, we rarely do anything to change the condition of the world. Instead, we're just miserable.

A shift in the wind people, a glance in a different direction. Within; that vast landscape of our minds, that last unexplored continent. No, I'm not talk neuroscience or psychoanalysis; I'm talking about you, sitting with yourself, spending time to get to understand what it is you really want out of life. It's about you taking time to discover what would motivate you to rise each morning with goals and dreams and action to follow.

Motivation, even in small doses could change the world! But let's start at home, in your backyard: let's start with you!