Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Grind

It comes to this more days than not; the grind is felt in our gut, like someone is slowly pulling a heavy chain through your navel. Or it's a headache, out of the blue, gripping your head like a medieval tool of torture. Too often, we are concerned about relieving the pain, but the root of it remains untouched.

Sleepless nights, yelling at your children or spouse or whoever seems weak enough to take it without giving it back to you, that's our problem, or the result of it. Like trying to rub our filth off on a useless towel, except our loved ones aren't useless, just loving and very forgiving.

Time in, and time out, we go from one hardship to another, skimming the surface, trying to wipe away symptoms while the underlying cause languishes. It doesn't rest, hence the unease and disease we suffer.

How well we search outside for a solution, trying oval remedies, amber elixirs and the eternal fountain of youth; that only shifts the pain elsewhere.


The wise person chooses not to point the finger at others or collapse in despair, though both attempts seem viable. They learn to dig, to uproot and recall. They remember times where the day was not filled with doubt and overwhelming fear. They search childhood or moments of clarity when an idea or dream was more logical than reality. And they begin a journey to change reality. They work at it as if it were their daily grind, slowly reshaping life to be what is desired.