Monday, August 12, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Plain Path

Let's face it, no path is really "clear." We would like each step to be as clear as the current one, but that's not life. And we learn something about our self, the world and to trust God through the twists and turns, the hills and valleys.

A few years ago, when my daughter went east to college in Virginia, I put the destination in Mapquest, told it to avoid tolls and let fly. The route would take us through Indiana, parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and eventually Virginia. I knew parts of Virginia from working out there a few times, and Indiana was a familiar path. But in the other states, I didn't know what to expect. Road construction along the way with unexpected detours or simply slowing us down made the drive typical. But it was the hills in Pennsylvania and a brief part of West Virginia that made my wife question my sanity! She nearly had a panic attacks several times, seeing the mountains in front of us, driving up and through and around the twists. Now quite honestly, I enjoy this kind of driving, but even I had to admit, the steep grades made me nervous. Needless to say, we found another route to get to Virginia from that point on. But the lesson needed, was learned.

There are many paths to our destination, some completely unknown others, we think are known. But each path has it's own difficulty. Don't choose a path because its easy, for most certainly, there will be some unexpected trials waiting along the most familiar paths. With each challenge, allow your moment of panic to set in, then gather your thoughts and determine the best way to continue on your way. You will be surprised at the "new you," you discover!

Be blessed.