Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thought for The Day - Origin

Ever notice that as much music and art and dance as there is in the world, there's always someone doing something different? Just watching the evolution of expression, while there are trends, lulls and swells of creativity, nothing stays the same; the expression always changes. I hear people - young and old alike - say things like "there is no more good music." Or people complain that the art rendered and placed in museums and galleries "could be done by a child." But yet, all around us, there are poets, singers, dancers, writers, etc., pouring out their souls to audiences small and large.

Where does it come from? Where is all that new and different, weak and powerful expression, originating from? I've seen trends in music and fashion come and go; what's "hot today" is tomorrow's moment of embarrassment. But that's only because we've "moved on." There are those who hold on to those moments and cherish them like a loved one.

When an artist sits to render or a writer considers a story line, there seems to be an endless supply of ideas from which to choose. I know for me, there are times I want to repeat an expression, to create a series of work. Then there are times when, after studying either my work or others, I want to 'mimic' the concepts in my next piece. But by the time pastel or paint touches the surface, I'm "taken" in a new direction. Often, in the moment of rendering, multiple pathways are provided to take me in completely different directions. I find it so much easier to allow the "spirit" to guide me in these expressions.

The origin? The source? A place vast and endless. It exists across the universe and in the great expanse of our mind. It is intelligent, compassionate and passionate. We call Him God and he expresses himself through us.