Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thought for the Day - You Must!

Well friends and family, I'm at it again. Funny how God puts inspiration in your way at times, and you don't know what it is. Sometimes inspiration and opportunity come veiled in adversity...think about that for a minute.

First the inspiration for this. I met a wonderful woman on my current job a few months ago, and somewhere along the line, perhaps after a brief conversation, I felt the need to give her a bit of encouragement. Looking back, I didn't realize she needed it, but there was this 'tickle' in my conscious: "reach out to her, let her know everything will be alright." Well I'm an artist, I love the beauty of expression, so to simply say "everything will be alright," would not do. If I was skilled in music, it would have been a jazz beat with improvisational runs and pensive lows. But I write and draw and in the office space, the best way to communicate in the moment was writing. And I did. That started a thought about this outlet. I don't know who this reaches, how far it will go, but I would like to reach out to anyone who will listen and heed. That being said, I will TRY to write a thought a day. I could go on and on, excusing what will be written or the lack thereof, but the one thing I ask: be patient with me (borrowing a phrase) I'm a "work in process!" So here goes: "You Must!"

Too often, we are faced with the dilemma of our "normal life" and the "ideal." We are trained to ignore our dreams. They are, after all, silly whims and fancies and they don't fit in the real world. Well the real world aint no prize! If the real world means getting up in preparation for a day spent doing what my heart would rather not, please let me sleep!

We are told and we accept that you live, you pay taxes and you die. We ignore that ache in our hearts to dance, sing, soothe or receive encouragement. All around us, there are people who hurt like us and hope like us, that somehow, the nightmare will come to an end. We all want to wake from our normal lives and find life is worth living. But that doesn't seem to happen. Give up, surrender, let it go; this deceptive heart tells us to do just that.

But...You Must! You have to! You have GOT TO FIGHT!!! Please believe, each day it seems like I'm losing the fight. So many days if someone has a score card and each day is a new round, life is beating me to a pulp. But each time you and I go back to our corner - fall asleep - and return to the fight, it's an opportunity to get in there and give it all we've got. Sometimes our blows get us nowhere. At other times, we seem like we're winning. But regardless what each day brings, You must fight on!