Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thought for The Day - Hope

In 1989, on this day, August 22nd, I sat in our house alone; my wife was in the hospital, six months pregnant and going through early labor. The doctors were doing their best to maintain the pregnancy and so far, the solution seemed to be bed rest. I was concerned, worried about both my wife and the child in her womb. And there was absolutely nothing I could do.

Sitting, bible in hand, having my devotional time for the morning, I completed my reading - couldn't tell you what it was that morning - and I prayed. I prayed that everything would be alright and that somehow, my wife would be able to hold the pregnancy at least another couple months. I didn't know if it meant she would have to remain in the hospital or come home and have a nurse come in to check on her. I only wanted things to be okay.

At some point during my devotion, I had this overwhelming sense that everything would be alright! It was an assurance and as most Christians know the term a "peace that surpasses understanding," came over me. The best way to describe it was all my concerns were answered and brought to a "cooling point." I closed my bible and begin to prepare for work. But a few minutes later, the phone rang. It was my wife saying they were going to have to deliver the baby and that she was sorry, she couldn't hold it any longer. I rushed to get dressed and to the hospital, still with this assurance everything would be alright. As a matter of fact, considering the timing of the assurance, I was more than certain, everything would be alright.

Well, that morning, my wife gave birth to a one pound, seven ounce baby girl. She was too small to cry, her lungs barely formed. As they took her away to put her into ICU, she made a couple small sounds, like small whimpers. More reassurance flooded my senses. The doctors warned that her chances of survival, being so premature were 25%. Yet in my mind, all I could remember was that reassurance.

Twenty-four years later, Amy Hudson is beautiful and healthy and living in New York! Her first few months of life were difficult, but as God gave me assurance then I give it to you now. It may be dark in your life, there may not seem like much room for hope. He may not flood your soul with "peace like a river," but that doesn't mean that your end is worse than you imagine - not even close! Maintain hope, strive for your dreams, no matter the darkness that impedes your path!