Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thought for The Day - It's Leaking!

We have this treasure in earthen vessels (jars of clay)...

Living this life, in this's amazing we don't simply fall apart at the seams! As children, we jumped and played until we were exhausted and some of us, even when drained, we didn't sit down! As young adults, we want to squeeze as much living in a short time span, as if we're certain there is no tomorrow and 'heaven' is a place where we sit and 'be still.' And older adults? We still eat and drink what is slowly tearing our body apart! But somehow we are still 'kicking!'

Yeah, there's a great deal of life in us and some days, it doesn't seem possible to contain it. Maybe we shouldn't. Maybe the "cracks" in our personality, our flawed, imperfect bodies are designed to uniquely express the life within.

It's my reasoning that there is far more to us than our six senses - including the ability to reason, feel and discern - can comprehend. Oh, we get glimpses every now and then, at times 'miracles' occur, but believe it or not, these flawed beings, called humans are divinely designed to express! The leaks and flaws have divine purpose!

Years ago, I gave guitar pickin' a try! Still have a Fender Squire and Yamaha acoustic guitar tucked away, "just in case." I knew consistent practice and mistakes could eventually lead to playing well, but... We have an old out of tune piano that 'followed' us from my wife's childhood in our home. One of our children took lessons for a while and a strange thing happened one day. Sitting in the basement, I heard the piano being played, a tune my son wanted to learn as part of his recital. He learned and played it proficiently. So when I heard the piano being played, I was certain it was him playing. But it was my youngest son, I discovered, who had never took a lesson or expressed a desire to do so.

Within these earthen vessels, a blinding brilliance exists. It isn't settled or stagnant and it longs to be released. And we express it in opinions, ideas, creativity, decisions and acts of hate and love. Though there are times when we try to contain it, 'it' finds its way out, one way or another. Maybe we should regularly exercise expression so that one day..."just in case..."