Monday, August 19, 2013

Thought for The Day - Mornin'

The breaking of a new day. For me, most mornings I'm up before sunrise, spring, summer, winter or fall. By the time the sun rises, I have written, maybe painted and sweated out a few calories at the gym.

This new start, this opportunity to complete yesterday's task and when our mind is cluttered with trouble, the chance to stumble over the same problems. We never know what a new day will bring, even if we think we understand "what and how" this day will be - like every other day. But every day is a new day and with every new day, we can approach it with a fresh perspective.

So often I wake and the last thing I want to do is let go of the bed! The many tasks of the day, the stack of unfinished work and expectations pile on me heavier than the comforter. And often, when I wake, it's the anxiety of missing a task, letting someone down or just not being 'present,' that motivates me to get up. As my feet move across the floor, downstairs and into my office, I find my mind is already incorporated that nervous energy into thoughts of what will be written this morning and the exercises I'll do. And before I know it, the time has past and I'm on the move, running out the door.

Ah, the routine of it all! And yet each day, I pray for a new day to do everything better than I did before.