Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thought for The Day - Energy

Stored in these limbs, torso and cranium; flowing through the blood, muscle mass, fat and bones, there exists what seems like an endless supply of energy. Oh sure, there are days when it seems to wane, when, at the end of the day, after a grueling work day, you can barely climb in the bed, you can't imagine that there is much more to you than you would
imagine. Yes, it is there, that energy source still runs true!

Its the mismanagement of our energy that weighs us down. In any given day, we have all the components needed to make the most of our day. Our efforts, our plans, oh so many times, don't make sense! Without an understanding of our desires and abilities, energy is wasted and accomplishments are few! I'm the king of futility, easily distracted and when called upon to "help," my focus is lost and difficult to redirect back to the task at hand. Often, it feels like I'm "starting from scratch" when a friend, family member or coworker says "Eddie, could you help me with this?" By the time I make it back to what I was working on, it's almost as if I were looking at the incomplete work of another!

Focus! Make firm plans for the day and allow time for the distractions - they will come! One coping mechanism I use is a keeping a list of tasks and scheduled meetings, quickly scribbled on a sheet of paper. I don't take time to check them off, but merely looking at the list through the day, I have a sense of accomplishment and what remains. And what's more amazing, when I have completed a number of the tasks for the day, when the day ends, though exhausted, the sense of accomplishment gives me energy for whatever remains.