Monday, August 26, 2013

Thought for The Day - Drip!

Some people can smell rain coming; some feel the change in 'barometric pressure' in their bones! But some anticipate it in their souls! The very sense that there is a need that must be satisfied and it must be coming soon, gives hope.

Do you wake sometimes and wonder why you're running to a seat in a cubicle, in an office where, if you didn't show up, someone else would do the same work? Have you ever searched your soul to find out what unique contribution you make to this world? For many, defining "that thing," that expression of your divine purpose is difficult to fathom. We see it in celebrities, singers and performers who move us with a performance. We see it, to a certain extent, in children who play as if there wasn't a care in the world. But somehow, we can't put a finger on that "one thing" that would connect us to this world and give our life meaning. So like a farmer looking to the sky, waiting for rain, we look heavenward, waiting for...

In our very soul, the answer lies waiting for that drop of 'rain.' That small particle of moisture felt on our face, would indicate our hope is satisfied. To feel that one drop would tell us our living has purpose and meaning and that our place in this world makes a difference to someone else. Tell me, are you anticipating rain?