Monday, December 8, 2014

Thought for The Day - Do it for...

Detail of "Linen - A Storm's Coming" 

You know, there are as many ways to approach this daily practice as there are thoughts in my head. There are equally as many reasons to stop doing it as there are to continue. So I choose to do it. I don't want the reason to stop writing to be I don't have "enough" readers. I don't want the reason to be someone said something insulting or demeaning. The choice to stop has to be significant and that I am making a choice for better. Whatever that is.

You know, I can sit in front of this computer daily, walk the streets of downtown Chicago, or while I'm sweating out my catharsis in the gym, a thousand ideas, thoughts and messages hit me. I can do this writing, journaling and blogging all day. I could start conversations through this outlet that continue into the night, but...

I do it for those who are considering blogging but wonder if they have the right stuff

I do it for the person who reads for a bit of encouragement in general

I do it for my own need to express

I do it as an outlet for my thoughts and emotions

I do it because I don't sing :)

I do it because in a given day, ways to impact the world are limited and everyone needs to express