Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thought for The Day - 7:21

12/05/14 Early Morning view of "Sailing under a Penny Moon"

Get up! The day is wasting away and you have plenty to do! Well that's me most days and quite honestly, on most days, by 7:21 I've written, exercised, had breakfast and I'm on my way to work. And no, this has not always been my way. Creativity is my driving factor, my motivation to rise early and start the day.

Goals, I have them and when I achieve those that look like helium filled balloons floating away, I'll have more! When I get to the point, my message is heard by some and understood in my images, I'll reach further. Those goals are like clouds "above" the clouds, goals that I know are there, but for now I keep them just out of conscious thought. Time isn't a factor anymore and with that thought comes a realization that I may not obtain those dreams. I won't die trying, but I will live my life knowing I have tried with each day. And far more importantly I have dared to dream and dared to create.

Clarity: who you are - who I am - isn't all you're capable of being. The dull or exciting life you have now isn't all you can experience. The sun rises and sets and soon you find yourself shifting, changing the direction of your life. You may not earn much today, maybe nothing at all, but a shift, an unexpected but natural transition places you in a new point of view and you find yourself earning, achieving and living life to the fullest.