Saturday, December 20, 2014

Get to It

I tried to fight it, I tried to resist, but it's in my bones and in my heart; Get to It, Eddie! These days, my life is less "pulled in many directions" and more pairing down the list of warring factions! I get to paint - if I get up early enough - and write as much as time permits. I take a mid-day break to walk and see my beautiful city. Work is demanding, but I'm surrounded by people who are certain, capable and helpful.

But there is an urgency to my life; there is an undercurrent that says there's more to my life than taking occasional breaks, painting "pretty pictures" and providing for the family. There are times when I feel that "unfinished work," that nagging sense that I've got far more to do! Quite honestly, while I was certain "art" would provide a sense of destiny and a feeling that I've arrived, so far, it's only intensified that sense that there is more discovery and revealing to come.

Urgent, insistent...maybe it's self-discovery, maybe it's a deeper relationship with God and maybe both. All I know is, I'm not done yet!