Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Enough - republished from July

This lesson I'm learning; I don't have it mastered and for the moment, that's adequate. Each morning I wake early, probably earlier than most. No matter how early I rise, it never seems to be enough time. But it is; I get up with enough time to write, perhaps dip my brush in paint and dab at the canvas and when possible, squeeze in a few stretches before getting to the gym. I never seem to get enough time in the gym, but in retrospect, it is enough time. I get in everything I want to do in the amount time I have.

When I oversleep or fall back to sleep, and when I wake, on those days, I feel like I've lost something of the morning. It's especially difficult when I have to skip writing or the gym, where I'm so exhausted, I can't get generate enough energy to make it out the door for exercise and back in time to get to work, it feels like I'm slipping. But on those days, I realize I needed that sleep. When I think of the amount of sleep I get each night and how much is supposedly required to have energy for the day, I'm woefully short! But when I consider what I accomplish in a day, while I could use more sleep, I get enough to be effective!

Enough; it may seem like your life is missing something. It may feel like you don't have everything you need. At some point, you will learn to live without "it" or you will get up and go after it. But when you do whatever you decide to do, if you allow yourself time to appreciate what "is" in the moment, you will find you have everything you need.