Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thought for The Day - What does it mean?

Forgive my rambling this morning. Without the reported high profile, headline making cases of police abuse, I can have my own level of frustration. There is so much turmoil and yet, you and I will get in our cars, on public transportation and go to work - whatever that is for you. We wear clothes and shoes, manufactured by people we may never know, under circumstances that would shame us if we did. We buy food in stores with layers of management, everyone needing a check to take home and feed their families. We fill trash cans full of food wrappers, discarded food and other items and there is no telling where this goes. Stuff, stuff, stuff!

We have relationships that are meaningful, but in all of our relationships, some things are said and others not. We can be forgiving, but repeated disregard continues. We can love and be ignored; we can give our "all" and yet remain empty handed and be left with no hope of change. We can talk, communicate our concern for improvement and never see a change on the other side of our "relationship equation." More stuff, stuff, stuff!

Layers of government; from the local, town, county, state and country to the international community. In our democratic society, we are "allowed" to elect who will "lead" us and unless we as a large constituent enforce our needs and wants, the politicians disappear to their local, county, state and federal meeting places and make decisions we would never agree with! Certainly, we need the processes in place, but in the scheme of getting and keeping our piece of the pie, we can't invest the time to ensure the democratic process works in our favor. It's just more stuff, stuff, stuff!

You know, I'm not coming close to scratching the surface and perhaps this isn't the place to do so. Like the complex layers of our society and our global community, there are both good and bad qualities in each of us. We are both victim and abuser in any given day! We can love and hate, ignore or lavish others with our care. And yet, in all of this, above all of this...