Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pour it Out

This would be a great image to render: a picture of a person (or a series with different individuals) pouring out their brain and pouring it on to, people, places and social concerns. And Eddie Hudson has been allowed to do the same through this medium. I appreciate the time, the space, and allowing me a place to "drain my brain!"

It occurred to me as I rounded the corners in my office and landed in my cubicle space, that I could write and write and write! That as I sit down to manage the software testing for another, I could easily formulate a thousand "thoughts" in the time it takes to sit at my desk and develop test scripts. I could talk of the lion and dragons, the victories and defeats, the love and loss of living in this life. And sitting in that chair, before I knew it, there were at least three ideas jotted quickly. My restriction is that I am compensated for software testing, not creatively pouring out the content of my mind! Oh the agony!

On one level, I have to treat the transition from working for someone else to working to benefit the world, as I would moving from formal education to a career. I have to factor in lessons to be learned, studied and evaluate my progress. I have to consider the "classes" I have to attend and schedule them out in the future. I have to decide when I am ready to "graduate" to a career of "creativity." I am eternally grateful for being allowed to express, to pour out what is in my heart and mind. And I look forward to doing so with greater dedication and frequency.