Thursday, December 11, 2014

Here We Go!

New format, trying something new. Except it isn't dramatically different, just a shift to the left. Power. Who has it? Do you and I and 'us' - all of us - have it? I would like to think we do and how we choose to use it is the problem and the solution. We exercise control over one another and yet we aren't really sure what we want to attain. We say we want the world to be a certain way, but don't realize there are others who want equally opposing things. So we work, talk with others who are of the same mind, trying to get the whole of society, a nation, or the world to be shaped in the vision we have for it. Except there are others who are doing the same thing, but not with the same goal in mind. And in truth, no matter how much the "group think" mentality rules, there are always those in the group who don't see things quite the way the "leader" sees it. There is a constant shifting of energy and control and the world is in a state of upheaval as a result.

Here's the other side of this equation: while we have "power" and exercise it, there is a vision for this world that exceeds - overrules - our own. Certainly, we can guide, direct exercise control over others. But there is one who has the first and final say over every life on this planet. His plan will be completed, even while we exercise our "free will." The direction He wants will be carried out, even as we go about our daily lives, doing, building, loving and hating.

What is good? What is right? What benefits all? And what is LOVE? Focus there.