Friday, December 19, 2014

Hang Your Hat Here

Come in,

Sit down,

Take a load off.

Let's talk

Been a long day?

Having a hard time?

Just sit down,

Put your feet up,

Rest your nerves for a bit.

You know it doesn't get easier,

Worrying about this and that,

Holding on to old pain,

And letting it turn your gut to stank.

Sit down for a while,

And ease your mind.

We don't have to talk say anything about what's bothering you or who done you wrong.

We don't have to talk at all,

Just sit down and relax your mind.

All we do is worry about this and that,

Interrupting our worry to take a bite,

Take a walk,

And splash water on our face,

Too worried to rest,

Too tired to sleep,

You ignoring the cry of your soul for rest.

Come on sit down for just a little bit,

And rest your hat and your head over here.