Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Expand! 18 x 24 pastels

I am a plow. Not something (someone) to be put on a pedestal, shined up and cherished. I am to serve when dirt needs to be broken up, to get close to the grit and grime and pushed over. I am to be placed in an old barn, or if rain comes while I'm working, to be left where I am until I can be used again. The attention I receive is when I'm dull (witted) and need to be sharpened for additional use. If allowed to sit long, I get a coat of rust, that may or may not cause problems for you later. But typically, I'm left on the sidelines, until someone needs work done.

I serve my purpose. I am a tool to be used. There are those, whose very design facilitates their participation in the spotlight! They are shined and polished, covered with chrome and meant to be fondled with loving hands. There are those who are made more glorious by adding illumination from within, so their "inner glow" is that much more evident. That's not me; I am base and simple.