Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thought for The Day - A Crowded Space

A space for clutter, items that are one step away from the trash, the back of a metal collector's truck or a gallery! The type of area your mother would threaten to skin you if you brought anyone into! My space! My area, my corner of peace. It's similar to the space that lies on the other side of the grey matter in my cranium. Yes, it's cluttered, but there is so much promise in that space!

Ideas, hopes, plans and a past rich with disappointments and joys, resides between my ears. There are times I can cry - and I do - for the things I want to accomplish! But I don't weep for selfish reasons; I've got hope for family and friends as well. And everything isn't focused on earning millions. But it is about living life as "wealthy minded" individuals! My dreams are that everyone discover their promise living between their ears as well! And having discovered it, or open their minds to the idea that exists, we all live together as God has designed us to live!

When you view us with fear and hatred, choices are made to discriminate and discard. But when the whole is viewed as God's image duplicated across continents, islands and remote places, we are beautiful creations, designed to live up to God's expectation!

You are far more than you perceive yourself, in this moment!